Register Your Dress

You're in safe hands

Congratulations on purchasing your gown from an RBA member shop.

You are now eligible to register under our Brides Protection Scheme.

All of the details you need to complete the following form will have been written on your leaflet by your bridal shop when you ordered your wedding dress. Once the password has been entered, you can fill-in the form. Once complete, press the Print Form button and then the Register Your Dress button. You will be sent a confirmation email with your registration details and unique reference number. Should you need to make a claim, you will need your unique reference number, along with your receipts, so keep them all in a safe place.

Please note that in order to validate your RBA insurance, your dress registration MUST take place within 21 days of your dress order date. Any registration attempted AFTER the 21 day period will NOT be covered by our scheme.

Your personal data will NOT be shared with third parties. It will be deleted from our records shortly after the date of your wedding. The RBA is compliant with and registered under the Data Protection Act. See our Privacy Policy.

If you don't receive your registration confirmation email, please remember to check your spam folder.

Having trouble with registration? Contact us