BAS Terms and Conditions


In the event of a member’s involuntary cessation of business, the Retail Bridalwear Association Ltd (RBA Ltd) provides that it will at its discretion endeavour to source your bridal gown from the manufacturer as itemised on your gown order form, and registered with the RBA as per the instructions on this leaflet. Alternatively, will negotiate with, and go between the customer (bride) and the liquidators/administrators of the member shop in question, to ensure a smooth transfer of goods, should these goods be held by the liquidators/administrators.

  1. The ‘Scheme’ will only consider claims relating directly to the supply of the Bridal Gown and does not include any ancillary wedding party attire or services.
  2.  The ‘Scheme’ covers one Bridal Gown for the one wedding as stipulated at the time the order was placed.
  3. The RBA Ltd must be notified in writing of a claim within 28 days from either: the date of involuntary cessation or; notification of involuntary cessation, whichever is the latest?
  4. The RBA Ltd will only consider a claim made under a legitimate contract with its member and supported by a fully completed and validated RBA Ltd ‘Brides’ Assurance Scheme’ declaration.
  5. No request for assistance will be considered if either party cancels the contract prior to the involuntary cessation of the members business.
  6. The ‘Scheme’ does not provide assistance to a customer relating to any dispute with the RBA Ltd member in respect of delivery, payment or supply of the Bridal Gown.
  7. Any assistance required under the ‘Scheme’ must be accompanied by valid receipts and evidence of payment at an RBA member shop together with matching point-of-sale
    details of customer, goods, payment and date of wedding as registered by the customer online at

The registration must have been received and validated within 21 days (including public holidays) of the purchase date.